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Himachal – Truly The Nature’s Treat

The stupendous allure of nature, where at every step you are welcomed by nature itself with delightful surprises. Where adventure is the slice of life and culture is the essence, where hospitality is beyond imagination and spiritualism is at apogee. Welcome to the Himachal Pradesh; The Dev Bhoomi(Land of Lord), The Land of Himalayas and the treasure of unseen nature scenery.

Himachal has everything magnetise to attract tourist and travellers, the rare British architecture, Museums, Monasteries, Royal Palaces, Heritage Railway, Enchanting Lakes, Glaciers, Snow Peaks, Flower filled paddocks, Icy Rivers and much more which is just unexplainable. It’s frankly a tripper’s paradise. Besides, Himachal is the perfect destination for religious tourism too. The awe- inspiring nature makes it just the perfect place for attaining spiritualism peak.

With the total geographical area of 55673 sq km, Himachal is landlocked with the Tibet to the east. To the north it is surrounded by Jammu & Kashmir and the Punjab from the west. Despite its just unique from neighbours in terms of topography, flora & fauna and cultural diversity.